STM32 Logic Analyzer – Part 1

Lately I had some problems with serial communication, so I made myself a simple logic analyzer with STM32F4 Discovery board.

I googled fro STM32 logic analyzer and found a few, but the one I used was this one. Ther are four different files on download page, but the last one is the one I use that it works. For our project we need to download LogicDiscovery.bin. After we have it downloaded we need to program it into microcontroller. We will use STM32 ST-LINK Utility (STSW-LINK004), which can be downloaded from ST’s website. You need to click on Get Software at the bottom of the page and follow the procedure. You need to accept the user agreement and login, which is a bit anoying. After all is done you get file inside which is setup for our program. Install it and connect your board. It might ask for srivers if it is connected fr the first time. I believe this is the right driver, since it is a long time since I installed it. Yes I know the process of downloading again! Now that you have drivers installed run ST-Link Utility. It is advisable to update firmware for on-board ST-LINK. We do this by first connecting to board:

And the selecting ST-LINK -> Firmware update:

This opens new program ST-Link Upgrade. Here we click on Device Connect:

Most probably it will tell you that the board is not in FDU mode:

Just disconnect and reconnect the board and click on Device Connect again and it will connect. Here you can see the current version and the version it will upgrade to. In my case it is upgraded so it is same.

Click on Yes and it will start the upgrade process:

After it is done it will let you know with this nice popup window:

Now we are ready for logic analyzer firmware. In ST-Link Utility click on File -> Open file… select the downloaded LogicDiscovery.bin and click Open:

This will load the program into ST-Link:

All we need to do now is to program it. We do this by selecting Target -> Program and Verify and it will open new window. Just select Start:

After it is done, the window will close and at the bottom of ST-Link you can see in green the time neede for programming and that the verification was OK:

This post became quite long so I will split it in two parts! Here is link to part two.

Thank you for reading!



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