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Custom GLCD Font Tutorial

In last tutorial I wrote how to use Adafruit GFX library for GLCDdisplays. This time I would like to explain how to use GLCD custom font using ESP8266.I will continue from last project. We only need two things. Our custom font in form of .h file and a few lines of code to include it in our project.

First let’s look on how to create our font. If we don’t have the font we want there are a lot of free ones. For example at 1001 Free Fonts. Let’s take on from there, for example Coolvetica which is totally free:

Free fontClick on Download, save the file and extract it so that you have .ttf file.

Now that we have .ttf file we go to truetype2gfx web page.

Font generation settingsHere we select Browse… (in my case it is in my language, different from english), find our .ttf file on our hard drive and select Open. We are now back to our font converter page. Now we need to click on Upload to upload file to web and be able to generate our custom font. Once uploaded we can select it from list of our fonts (I have more because I tested a few of them). All we need to do now is to set the size of text and to download GFX file. I like 15 points for size. And finally click Get GFX font file and save it somewhere where you can find it later. Now go to the folder where file is stored and drag it into Sloeber into root of your project. When asked select Copy Files and click Ok.copy files

Now that we have the file in our project…

.h file for fonts… we need to add a few lines of code for it to work.

First we need to include .h file. Add #include “coolvetica15pt7b.h” ath the end of ncludes. See below:

Next we need to set the font to this one. Se the line after initR

If we try to compile at this moment there is error that the file is already defined somewhere else. We will correct this with one line of code at the end of font file. We add #pragma once at the end of .h file (see below):

Now it will compile and work:

final result

Now we have oru GLCD custom font using ESP8266.

Sometimes if you change from one font to another there is problem that sloeber.ino.cpp does not get updated and there is still old font included. You can solve this by goint to Project -> Clean… and clean and recompile your project and it will work.

Thank you for reading!


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