About me



I am an average person with multiple hobbies. I am electrotechnician by profession, but I do a lot other stuff too. In the past I did some airbrushing. Now I mostly do woodworking, but besides that I do some electronics so I don’t forget the stuff I learned. I decided I will write about my more or less succsessful project here, so that you can learn what I learn.

I have quite some theoretical knowledge about airbrushing and some experience while painting on shirts and helmets.

I have quite some experience developing electronics since I did a few years as a developer. I used Atmel (now Microchip) AVRs, Microchip PICs and also some TI MSP430s in the past, but now I am learning to use STM’s Cortex microcontrollers.

Mostly what I now do in my free time is some woodworking project for me and my family.

That’s about it!

Thank You for visiting my webpage!