Installing STM32CubeMX

Here I will try to explain step-by-step how to install STM32CubeMX or short CubeMX from now on.

First you need to visit My ST web page:

Here you need to Create an account and login or just Login if you are already member of

After loging in you need to visit this page

Here click on GET SOFTWARE or just scroll to bottom of page.

Here again click on Get Software.

A new window pops up asking you to accept license agreement. Read the agreement and accept it by clicking on ACCEPT.

New window opens and asks you to login, do so bi clicking on Login/Register. After you are logged in. Again. Not sure why this is so (ST???). Click on Download.

 Popup window closes and after a while you get this window asking you to store .zip file somewhere. Do so and remember where you put it. It takes some time, depending on your internet speed. After you have downloaded file extract it and start setup.

You are greeted with this window. Here click Next.

Here you need to accept license agreement. Read license and click on I accept the terms of this agreement. And click Next.

You get new popup window telling you that new directory will be created. Just click OK.

Here you have some settings which you can leave as is and click Next.

After a few moments you should see this window, with both progress bars full. Click Next to continue.

Now we have CubeMX installed but we are not finished yet. Just click Done to continue. Run your newly installed CubeMX.

 Now we need to add some libraries to CubeMX.

 In menu click Help and the Install New Libraries.

New window opens and here you need to select libraries you need according to the microcontroller youi will be using. Check the checkboxes for the ones you need and click Install Now. Libraries will be downloaded and installed. You might be asked to restart CubeMX after install. One warning! Libraries are quite big so just install the ones you need. This is for now. Next time…

….Blinky with CubeMX, SW4STM32 and NUCLEO-F401RE!!!