STEmWin on STM32F429I-Discovery with SW4STM32 (Part 1)

Hi everyone! I am starting new series of articles in which I will try to get STEmWin working on STM32F429I-Discovery board.

As usual we start with CubeMX. We select New Project and then select board as seen below…

…and double click on the selected board.

There are two almost identical boards STM32F429I-DISCO and STM32F429I-DISC1. Only difference seems to be the bootloader.

Now we need to enable and configure some peripherals (just follow the screenshots and configure each one):

  • DMA2D – Chrom-ART Accelerator

  • SD RAM
  • I2C
  • LTDC
  • SPI
  • External crystal

Now we need some adjustments. Click Clock Configuration at the top menu and set clock options as on the following screenshot:

Nest we need to configure Chrom-ART Accelerator (Click Config at the top of window and then select DMA2D):

Now we need to set dimensions of our display (select LTDC in Configuration window):

We are all set, all we need to do now is tell the CubeMX where to export our code (don’t forget to set SW4STM32 as toolchain/IDE!!!):

Final thing is to generate our code:

While code is generating we see window like this:

When it is done we are greeted with following message:

Here it is important to select Open Project so that our code is imported into SW4STM32. IDE opens and we get this message:

We test the code by right-clicking on project name and selecting Build Project:

It takes some time and finally we get something like this in Console window at the bottom of our IDE:

This is all in this article. In next one we will add BSP-s (board support packages) for display and touch screen.